Exhausted, Nauseous and Taking Care Of a Toddler

Interview about morning sickness with expecting mom Nell Taliercio.

Hi Nell, thanks for taking the time to share your morning sickness experience with us. You have a 2-year-old son and are expecting your second child, so you have a bit of experience with morning sickness. When did it usually start affecting you?

It started about 4 weeks in with my first child. The current pregnancy started about 2 weeks in and started at night, then moved to all day, then only after I ate, then all day again.

How long did you morning sickness last?

It lasted until about 11 weeks with my first. The current pregnancy it lasted a bit longer. Until about 14 weeks and there are still times when I smell something or maybe eat a bit too much I will feel sick again.

Was it worse in the morning, at night? Or did you have “all-day-every-day” sickness?

Like I said before I had it all! With the first one it was all day long, but this current pregnancy I've had it all. I'd say the worse was the all day. At least at night I wasn't eating, although it did keep me up at night.

How did your first pregnancy compare to this one so far?

Much easier! I'm currently 16 weeks so I have a long ways to go and maybe it'll be easier in time, but I've been much more tired and sick with this one. However, on the plus side I've felt the baby move much earlier so that was special.

Were you experiencing any problems/ unpleasant conditions other than nausea?

Just the extreme exhaustion. It effected my days in every way. It was hard to take care of my two year old, hard to work on my business, or even sit down and have a conversation with my husband. Luckily I've been improving with the energy level, but I still tire easily.

How did you deal with your morning sickness?

Just lived with it. I honestly didn't try anything much except avoided foods I knew would make it worse, and avoid juices. For some reason the juices would upset my stomach more than a lot of foods. I kept hydrated, avoided strong smells, but other than that I just had to live with it.

What tips do you have for other expectant moms that will help relief morning sickness?

With my first pregnancy, what would make me sick was NOT to eat. That would make it worse. So I kept something in my stomach most of the day. Small things though such as crackers. I also had some protein in the morning and that seemed to help. With my second I wasn't sick because I wasn’t eating. I was sick all the time (when it was all day long) and it didn’t matter if I ate. In fact that sometimes made it worse. I found the only things I could do was avoid strong smells, drink lots of water, eat light meals, and avoid certain foods or drinks such as juices. Just hang in there, most of the time morning sickness only lasts for the first trimester.

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