Home Remedies For Nausea Due To Pregnancy

Nausea and Pregnancy seem to go hand in hand. Your stomach hurts, you don’t want to eat and the smell of pizza can send you running to the bathroom. To top it all off, there isn’t hardly any medication you can take to relief your symptoms. Your OBGYN is probably telling you to take some Tums to help with the nausea. Thankfully there are quite a few safe home remedies for nausea due to pregnancy.

Eat Small Frequent Meals

Forget about eating just 3 meals a day. Your nausea will get worse as your stomach has no food left to digest. To prevent this, eat at least 6 small meals a day rather than 3 large ones. Your stomach will never be too full or too empty, which will help you feel better.

Keep Crackers Handy

Stash some crackers on your night table and nibble on them before you get up in the morning. Morning sickness is usually worse in the morning. Eating a few crackers before you get up will give you at least some relief. It is also a good idea to keep a pack of crackers in your purse, your desk and even in the car for those sudden spurs of nausea.


Ginger has long been known to help with any type of upset stomach. Sip on ginger ale, eat a few ginger snap cookies or munch on some candied ginger when you start feeling sick.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint is another great home remedy for nausea and safe to consume during pregnancy. Many women find a hot cup of peppermint tea particularly helpful. You could also give peppermint candy and peppermint gum a try for those times when you are out in public and need a discreet morning sickness remedy.

Take Your Prenatal Vitamin at Night

One of the reasons morning sickness is worse in the morning is because health care professionals suggest taking prenatal vitamins when you first get up. If you are having a hard time with nausea and are getting rid of your vitamin shortly after you take it, try something different. Take your prenatal vitamin at night, right before you go to bed. Eat a small protein-rich snack like crackers and cheese or even a bowl of cereal with the prenatal vitamin. The food will keep you from getting sick quickly. When and if the nausea sets in, you’ll be sound asleep.

You may also want to try this all natural, organic morning sickness tea.

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