How Long Can Morning Sickness Last Through The Day?

Before I became pregnant for the first time I assumed that morning sickness was something pregnant women dealt with after getting up. I remember seeing the queasiness and nausea on TV and in movies as a dead giveaway that the girl in the story was expecting. Other than this short moment of unpleasantness after getting up or during breakfast, the character seemed to be perfectly healthy and fine.

Fast forward to about week five in my first pregnancy. I would get sick right after getting up, during breakfast – if I was brave enough to try to eat a piece of dry toast, at work, all through the day pretty much until the moment I fell asleep. At first I thought I had caught some sort of stomach bug. This couldn’t possibly all be cause by this tiny little baby in my belly.

I started reading through some pregnancy books, browed through some pregnancy websites online and talked to my doctor during my first prenatal visit. It turns out that most women experience morning sickness and at different times throughout the day. For some of us it turns into “All Day Every Day Sickness”.

If your morning sickness doesn’t go away after breakfast or around lunchtime, don’t be alarmed. It also doesn’t necessarily have to start in the morning. Some women experience worse nausea as the day goes on, while others get their “morning sickness” as a result of smelling a particular food or other smell.

So, how long can morning sickness last through the day? Unfortunately morning sickness can last up to 24 hours a day. If you are having a hard time with morning sickness and have tried some home remedies such as sipping on ginger ale or eating small frequent meals throughout the day without much relieve, talk to your physician. There are a few prescription medications on the market that are safe for you and the baby while making you and your upset stomach more comfortable.