Morning Sickness Myths

We clear up some of the morning sickness myths that are still going around. Find  out what is myth and what isn't.

Many women look forward to having a baby but then, one day they wake up and find themselves dealing with morning sickness.  Unfortunately, many women also mistakenly believe that their body is fighting against their baby or that for some reason they just do not feel as they should.  But the good news is that most of the bad things that you hear about morning sickness really are false pieces of information.  That should bring a smile to your face. 

Common Myths Explained

Here are some of the most common myths that people face when it comes to morning sickness. 

•    Morning sickness will lead to a miscarriage.  This is a definite myth.  In fact, some researchers who have done extensive studies have determined that those women that do experience morning sickness are actually less likely to actually miscarry their baby.  In addition, many have found that those that deal with morning sickness at some time in their pregnancy also have full term babies.  Pre term birth rates are lower for moms that have morning sickness.

•    Vomiting so much will hurt the baby.  This is another myth that many women mistakenly believe.  While it may make you feel awful, your baby is completely safe inside you even when you are throwing up for the fourth time today.  In fact, doctors have discovered that those women that do have morning sickness may even be helping to support the growth of the placenta.  The placenta is the lifeline, so to speak, of the baby inside of you. 

•    All this throwing up is going to cause my baby not to get the nutrients that he needs.  This is false as well, for the most part.  If you are vomiting quite a bit, you can dehydrate yourself.  In addition you should be taking care of yourself and eating a well balanced diet.  You more than likely are taking prenatal vitamins as well.  Even when these things fall into line, you may still be worried about your morning sickness.  The fact is, though, that more women that experience morning sickness will actually have fewer babies with low birth weight. 

All of these things show you just why morning sickness is not the end of the world.  Studies have shown that as many as 90% of mothers that are pregnant will have some form of morning sickness or another.  The good news is that this can help your baby to do better while he is getting ready to enter your world.