Morning Sickness and Music

Did you know that music may help with your morning sickness. Learn all about morning sickness and music.

You may have seen some pretty neat tapes on the market claiming to be able to relieve your morning sickness.  Do you believe it?  There are several companies that are producing this type of service.  They may just be on to something.  Your morning sickness may have a lot to do with your physical condition or it may have more to do with the inner ear.  To help you to understand how morning sickness is caused in this manner, you have to understand a bit about the inner ear.

Your ear has been known to cause problems in weakness and illness in other conditions as well.  Your inner ear, the vestibular system, is in control of your balance.  Have you ever experienced motion sickness from being in the car too long?  This is a result of the inner ear’s function.  In addition to this, it has been found by researchers that this part of the ear has played a larger role in other instances when you are sick.

Music And Morning Sickness

The theory, then, is that if the inner ear causes sickness, then perhaps if you stimulate the inner ear with music that it may help to positively respond to the illness.  By using various techniques that are part of its function, perhaps benefits can be found.  There are several programs that use this theory as a method helping to relieve morning sickness.  They use various tones and patterns, the inner ear can mask the symptoms of morning sickness.  Instead of sending signals to the brain that you are feeling ill, it can instead mask those feelings and, in turn, you feel just fine.

The Benefits Of Music Therapy For Morning Sickness

With all of this in place, we have to ask, what are the benefits of using this type of treatment for morning sickness over other methods?  For one, when you use music to help in healing morning sickness you are not contaminating your body with chemicals and medications that could potentially cause a problem with the baby.  In addition, this type of morning sickness treatment will not cause any type of interaction with other treatments that you may have to have.  It is completely portable and easy to use without a whole lot of work either.  In fact, it is even enjoyable.

Is music therapy the right method for treating your morning sickness?  The only way to know is to give it a try.  For many women, it has been just that.