Morningsickness Remedy

For some women, morning sickness is much more extreme than it is for others.  A small percentage of women will actually experience what is considered severe morning sickness where they continuously feel light headed, vomit and dry heave to the extreme.  When this happens to you, or to your spouse, it can be helpful to do several things.  In fact, it can even help you to feel a whole lot better.

Tips To Try

Here are some basic things that can really help with any type of morning sickness, especially when it is severe.

•    Do not worry.  Anxiety can cause even worse feelings and can trigger all sorts of worries about your baby.  Do not worry about how much food you are taking in.  Rather, make sure that you get plenty of fluids and keep your multivitamin down.  If it continues for a long period of time, you may want to consider talking to your doctor.  But, whatever you can do to relieve some of the anxiety will be helpful.
•    Don’t get hungry.  When you are actually hungry, you are more likely to feel the worst cases of morning sickness.  An empty stomach seems to make morning sickness even worse that it already is.  Keep something small in your stomach as often as you can.
•    Don’t eat what you shouldn’t anyway.  This includes limiting sweets and greasy foods.  These foods seem to trigger worse reactions to morning sickness than others do.  They are not healthy for baby either.
•    Eat high calorie foods.  When you are vomiting so much, you may not be getting enough calories.  This causes you to feel light headed and weak, making morning sickness that much worse.  To help with this, simply eat foods that are higher in calories over ones with fewer calories.
•    Get in all the liquid you can.  This is essential for keeping yourself hydrated especially when you are vomiting heavily.  On top of that, you may find that drinking your beverages at other times than eating your meals can help as well with minimizing morning sickness pangs.  Some pregnant mothers recommend drinking low sugar but carbonated drinks.  You can mix soda water with juice to help as well.

Morning sickness that really keeps you down may need some help from your doctor.  There are countless opportunities for you to get a bit of relief though.  Take some time to try these morning sickness treatments to help improve your condition.