Pregnancy Morning Sickness - When It Gets Bad

You expected a little nausea, but not this. Learn more about pegnancy morning sickness - when it gets bad.

Morning sickness was not on the agenda.  The problem is that you did not anticipate that pregnancy would lead to conditions in which you just felt so very bad.  But, it has happened.  Although you are looking forward to the baby, you are probably not looking forward to the fact that you wake up feeling sick each day.  Yet, morning sickness affects any place from 50% of women up to 90% by some studies.

Morning sickness is something that is not fully understood.  Many studies have been done to try and understand what it is that is behind the morning sickness you are experiencing.  In some studies, researchers have found that it is just the body’s way of protecting the unborn baby.  Perhaps it is the body’s way of getting rid of chemicals and harmful toxins.  In other studies, the thought is that perhaps it is that the inner ear is thrown off and that this is causing you to feel nauseous in the same way that you would with motion sickness.

But, what you should keep in mind no matter what the cause of morning sickness is happens to be that is seems to be a normal condition that affects many women.  Although it does make you feel awful and you may spend some days in bed, feeling too weak to get out, morning sickness is a natural occurrence during pregnancy that is unlikely to lead to any type of harm to you or the baby as long as you take care of yourself to keep hydrated. 

When you begin to feel the pangs of morning sickness, it is then time to take into consideration how to handle your morning sickness.  It is helpful to know too that not every woman will experience morning sickness in the same manner.  In fact, what happens to you this pregnancy may be different then the next.  So, as much as you do not want to hear it, morning sickness may just be a normal thing for you to deal with.