Sprite, Gingerale and Morning Sickness

What do Sprite and Gingerale have to do with morning sickness? Simple both of these sodas can help you fight morning sickness. Let’s take a close look at what makes these two drinks such great morning sickness remedies and what else you should know about them during your pregnancy.

When you are sick during the first few months of your pregnancy you welcome any effective home remedy that will settle your stomach and give you a few hours relief form the nausea and vomiting associated with morning sickness. Sprite and Gingerale with both help with this. The carbonation of these drinks along with the lemon taste of sprite and the ginger in ginger ale will ease your morning sickness at least temporarily. Ginger has been used for centuries to cure a variety of ailments including nausea and upset stomach. These drinks seem to be most effective when they are ice cold.

Sipping on these sodas throughout the day along with plenty of cool water will also help you stay well hydrated which is important during this crucial part of your pregnancy when your body gets ready to accommodate the growing baby by increasing your blood volume and building up the embryonic fluid that will protect your baby in your womb.

Both Sprite and Gingerale and morning sickness mix well in part because neither one of these carbonated drinks are caffeinated. You should avoid caffeinated drinks as much as possible in your pregnancy for several reasons. Caffeine has a diuretic effect that may cause you to loose water instead of gaining it from the caffeinated drink. Caffeine is also thought to increase the chance of both miscarriage and pre-term labor. You should also consider that the caffeine would travel through your bloodstream and the placenta into your baby’s body, where the stimulating effect of the caffeine will have a much bigger influence on the small baby then it does on you.

So, skip the caffeinated sodas and limit the amount of coffee or tea you drink and stick with Sprite and Gingerale - in moderation- to fight your morning sickness. Keep in mind though that these sodas contain sugar and thus plenty of calories. Limit yourself to one or two glasses a day and sip on it in addition to plenty of water or herbal tea. You’ll be keeping both yourself and your baby safe while easing your nausea naturally.