What Causes Morning Sickness

While doctors have a basic idea of what's going in your pregnant body, they are still not completely sure what causes morning sickness. Here is some information on the latest research about morning sickness.

Today, even with the advances of science we still do not have a definite answer as to what morning sickness is.  Doctors have many ideas of what causes it and what it does to our bodies, but there is no one solid answer that answers everyone’s questions.  Yet, some researchers have found some answers, or at least what they believe are the answers to why the body reacts this way when you are pregnant.  Believe it or not, it may even be completely logical.

At Cornell University in New York, researchers did some pretty exhaustive studies to try and determine just what it is that brings on morning sickness, or at least to answer the question of why the body reacts in the way it does.  What they have found is that perhaps the body is actually experiencing this in a way of helping to nurture the fetus.   These individuals painstakingly researched studies that involved over 80,000 different pregnancies.  What they found was that the nausea, the vomiting and all the other things that are attributed to morning sickness actually tend to happen when the baby is going through its most sensitive development. 

During this time of your baby’s development, you are likely to have bad reactions to foods that you may have liked or to just specific types of foods.  For example, many women have problems with meats, fish, vegetables that have a very strong taste and even eggs and chicken. 

These researchers believe that perhaps this vomiting is actually the body’s way of getting rid of harmful chemicals as well as bacteria that may be entering into the body through the food she consumes.  The body is helping to keep the baby as well as the mother away from illness as well as from food borne sickness. 

To back up this claim, researches say that in various parts of the world, where people tend to eat more vegetarian meals, that there are very few women that experience morning sickness.  This helps to tie in the belief that morning sickness does have a lot to do with the food that you are consuming and your body’s methods of getting rid of the unhealthy elements you may be ingesting.

While there is no definite nod that this is for sure the truth, it does seem to work well.  As a mother, it may be helpful for you to realize that this may be a way to help your baby to begin his growing.  In fact, it may be your body’s way of caring for the baby from the start.