What To Expect With Morning Sickness

If you think you may be preganant, you are probably wondeing what to expect with morning sickness. Learn more about when and how morning sickness starts.

You are pregnant and are concerned about morning sickness.  When will it strike?  More and more, women are becoming more educated about what will happen throughout the stages of their pregnancy.  There is no doubt that you are likely to find a wide range of facts about morning sickness, but one thing you are sure to learn is that each women’s body is different and therefore morning sickness can not happen at a definite time.  Yet, we can provide you with some guidelines about it, nonetheless.

When To Expect It

The first thing to take note of is what period during your pregnancy you can expect morning sickness to hit.  Again, there are no hard rules here, but being informed may help you to know what is happening with your body.  You may begin to experience the symptoms of morning sickness your very first month of pregnancy.  For some individuals, it will happen at the second month of pregnancy.  For most women, they will hit their peak of morning sickness, when it is at its worst about five to seven weeks into pregnancy.

About half of all those women that experience morning sickness will actually have it over by the time they reach 16 weeks of pregnancy.  Yet, for others, it can last up to another full month after this time period.  The bad news is that some women will face bouts of morning sickness throughout their pregnancy.  In addition, they may experience it for a few days here and there.  For others, morning sickness can last almost the entire pregnancy.

During The Morning?

One misconception that is out there is that morning sickness happens in the morning.  The fact is that morning sickness is likely to happen at any time of the day or the night.  You are likely to face morning sickness in the morning, only because it is the time of day that you naturally wake up.  Most people will feel some sort of nausea level when they wake up.  The thought is that at this time, your stomach is less full than any other time of the day, and therefore this makes you more likely to feel the effects of nausea.

Are you ready to face morning sickness?  For some women, there is nothing to do but get a few extra minutes of rest during the day.  For others, their lives will be thrown off track any time that they experience it.  In any case, knowing that this is a completely natural occurrence is the most important thing for you now.