Why Do Some Women Get Morning Sickness

Why do some women get morning sickness and some don't? If you are suffering from morning sickness, you may be wondering why you have it and others don't.

If you are in the midst of facing morning sickness, your first reaction will be the wondering of just why this has happened to you.  It feels awful and you are tired all the time.  You may look at food and feel nauseous.  For some, there is nothing to worry about at all.  They literally may wake up, vomit and be find the rest of the day.  Yet, even these individuals have a panging question.  Why is it that morning sickness happens, anyway? 


One thing that we do know about morning sickness is that it is not the same for everyone.  The causes of morning sickness are also not the same from one individual to the next.  On top of that, we just do not have enough evidence to say that one thing or the next thing is the one solid reason that women feel this way each day.  Yet, there are several very key elements that we do know about.

Common Causes, We Think

Here are some of the causes of morning sickness.

•    Too much estrogen.  During pregnancy, your estrogen levels increase by 100 times.  One thought about the causes of morning sickness is that it is due to this heightened amount of estrogen in the body. 
•    Too many acids.  Another cause that may be the reason that you suffer from this condition is that there are too many acids in your body.  You body is likely to have more progesterone in it.  This relaxes your muscles in the uterus so that your body is unlikely to deliver the baby early.  Yet, because of this increase, it is thought that your stomach and your intestines are also relaxed and too much acid builds up.
•    Odors.  Your senses during pregnancy are likely to be heightened.  For that reason, it is likely that this increased sense of smell may make odors just too strong to bear.
•    Blood sugar.  For some women, blood sugar gets too low.  This can cause you to become nauseous and dizzy even when you are not pregnant. 

What will cause morning sickness for you?  It is hard to tell.  Yet, if you are feeling very bad, you should talk to your doctor about your condition.  He or she is likely to help you to pin down what may be causing it through testing.  It can also be a sign that something may be wrong.  In any case, talking to your doctor about your morning sickness is something you should do.