Yoga Moves For Pregnancy

Yoga can be very beneficial in the first few months of pregnancy. Pregnancy yoga can even help reduce the effects of morning sickness.

The first trimester of pregnancy is a time of major change for your body.  Your body is changing, hormones are fluctuating, and your body feels different inside.  This happens long before your body shows what is happening inside of you.  Now is the time to really listen to your body and what it’s telling you.  If you realize that, your body knows best it will help you to better prepare for childbirth.

If you have morning sickness, that’s your body trying to let you know that you need to take it easy.  If you are already practicing Yoga, take a breather from classes or take a class that is less vigorous.   Even if you haven’t gone public with your pregnancy yet, you should have a confidential talk with your Yoga instructor, advising her of your pregnancy and encourage her to be discreet until you are ready to announce the impending birth at your own time. 

If you are new to Yoga and are looking for a low impact way of exercising the best thing to do is to look for a prenatal Yoga class.  These classes are designed for pregnant patients and you can start them as early in your pregnancy as you want.  If you are still having bouts of morning sickness, you may want to wait until that passes and that usually is the second trimester. 
If you have been practicing Yoga for a while, you still may find your regular classes seem to be too intense for you.  Prenatal classes may seem too tame.  It’s at this point you will need to decide which class you should take on a given day depending on how you feel.  The solution might also be to include some prenatal poses that have been adapted into your regular routine.  If you are in a class, a trained Yoga instructor may help you with special poses developed for pregnancy and your changing body.  When you enter the second or third trimester, you may find that prenatal classes are more suited for your body and its changing shape. 

If you do Yoga with videotape, you should buy a prenatal video.  Some of the recommended poses are ones that open the hip such as Pigeon, Triangle, Warrior II, and Knee to Ankle.

Pregnancy doesn’t have to be an obstacle in your practice of Yoga.  In fact, it can be a vital part of your prenatal routine.  With poses that are designed for pregnancy and incorporating routines that will help you to have an easier birth.  Some routines you will find you are unable to do.  If you are unsure of the poses, listen to your body.  It will tell you which ones that are too much for you in time in your pregnancy. 

So, don’t be afraid to continue your Yoga practice.  It may mean that you will have an easier delivery and a faster recovery after birth.  It also should make getting into shape after birth easier as well.